A NEW WAVE…..A new Movement, A new Religion!

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This new wave or movement is not just an ideology or philosophy; it is a religion in itself.images

It does not deny the existence of God but makes man his own god. It emphasizes that man determines what happens here on earth and should take charge not under any God but in unity of oneness and purpose. Many who have not officially identified with this Humanism Philosophy are already living it and being led by it. Their thought pattern each passing day is questioning the basis of their theology. The God they believed in seems silent or weakened!

Man was ‘created’ with inherent power. This power is domiciled in the soul or the mind of man. Man was not created to be controlled or manipulated from outside but to have control from the inside. Man was not made to be a puppet but through sound knowledge he is to make intelligent decisions and be creative. Man was placed in a world full of resources needed to solve problems encountered along the line. Thus man was created to be a responsible being.

Every time man decides to be responsible, a lot gets done.

The problem is that many men live irresponsibly. They prefer to be docile. They choose to blame everyone else but not themselves. Except there was outside motivation such as punitive measures or rewards, most men will do nothing!

In the name of religion, a lot has gone awry in our world! Irresponsible men make God accountable for everything. They want God to do things they ought to get done. Simple things which when done right, yield great returns are left undone while God takes the blame. However when opportunities are utilized and talents are properly channeled, we often want to claim the credit!

The idea of Humanism has existed throughout the ages. In ancient times, men decided to create their own system and built the tower of Babel. Men have always achieved a lot when united under God. However, the successes are limited and short-lived when men take charge with an attitude of rebellion to God.

Is there a God?

The problem with our world is that men overtime have learnt to manipulate other men. This they would do through any means. Man has done this through deceit, through hypocrisy, through philosophy, through religious beliefs, through mesmerism, through hypnosis,  by using magic, through the use of force and so on. Many are gullible and confused. The few who seem to own themselves therefore rule over others. Civilizations and transfer of knowledge through education over time has produced many men who have come to discover the inherent abilities in man and they have used this to achieve several ‘explainable’ and reproducible feats . Man has done amazing things seemingly thought to be impossible in the past thus boosting our morale and confidence in ourselves ‘outside God’.

Religion though many has failed mankind.


How well have we fared on our own. Despite all alliances against war and crime, despite advancements in technology and all ongoing researches, how well as man fared?

*We still cannot produce “Life”. We may succeed in perpetuating life but none has been able to create a living being from a non-living thing! The question is: WHO CREATED THE ORIGINAL LIFE?

*We have successfully created death. Many of our innovations have caused potential damages leading to loss of lives. Electricity, x-rays, dynamite, vehicles, drugs etc. Everything man has made with good intention ends up harming man. None has been able to bring back the dead back alive once “finally certified dead”.

*We have not prevailed against diseases and ill-health yet. As we overcome one disease another one resurfaces. As we produce one antibiotic, the organisms develop resistance. Even cancers are developing resistance to biologics. WHO may claim victories in some aspects but fail woefully in others.

*UN and similar agencies have not prevailed in combating evil, war, famine, crime and terrorism despite all these years. As much as they try, things are getting worse globally.

*Man is capable of so much good. At the same time he is capable of so much evil.

*Religion at all levels has not produced the best of man nor succeeded in converting the worst of man. A new religion believing in man as his own God will not solve the problems either. It is likely to worsen it.

If God exists, is He involved in our affairs?

The problem is in the heart of man. Not the brain. We may teach men the best of philosophies. We may preach love and peace till tomorrow. Somewhere else, someone is teaching them racism, telling them that others are not meant to live or that mena are not born equal and some are meant to serve others. We can almost manipulate any man into what we want if granted the chance. There is so much harm done to one another and not all is done in the name of religion. Blaming religion as a source of our troubles is just half the story. Our world has been damaged by those who claim to be non-religious as well. It only makes news when evil is committed by those who claim to know God or in the name of God.

The fact that we are appalled by evil committed in the name of God is a sign that deep in our hearts we know that someone somewhere created our world and that we did not just evolved. We also feel that if that is true, HE should ensure sanity by getting rid of evil and establishing reward for good but HE seems silent. Thus men have taken it upon themselves to make themselves or God or live in rebellion to him.

In conclusion:


Till we seek him with all our hearts with a right to question every philosophy with sincerity as we search for him with our hearts and not our brain only (of course we need our brain!); we cannot find him.

As long as we create our own institutions and try to purge out everything about him, we cannot hold him responsible for our predicaments. Anyone who tries to defend him by acts of terrorism does not know him either!