Religion 1

There is a God. Yes!

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As noted in part 2 of this blog series, in every man is a longing for God. One may deny it because he has gotten his thoughts to the point where he rebels at everything called God yet in the quietness of his soul, in low moods, his heart still yearns for ‘something more’.

The quest for something more has given birth to three main things

  1. ReligionReligion 2
  2. Philosophy
  3. Wild life/ fun/ freedom of choice/ etc.

Many young people in our time go for ‘freedom’ in terms of fun unlimited or wild life. They are tired of Religion as it exists today. Organized religion does not seem to have the answer they seek despite the restriction it places on them. Many associate Religion with morality and also associate religion with God.

Religion, morality and God may be linked yet they are not exactly the same. Religion hasreligion 6 misrepresented God. Religion has been the greatest cause of hatred and war despite claiming to promote peace. Religion is at the root of almost all intolerance and terrorism. Religion has not really helped many to attain a personal relationship with God.

Morality though upheld by most religions has not yielded much fruits either. Oftentimes evil men triumph and good men loose out. Fame goes to the corrupt while the innocent get blackmailed. Many young people wonder why they must be nice and uptight when the future they hope for is being marred by ‘those who do not give a damn’!

As a result, while the older ones have turned inwards (to philosophy and self-introspection) in seeking for answers,dressing 1 the younger ones have turned outwards seeking for ‘freedom’, excitement and utmost fun.

The whole human race is playing to the gallery!! We claim we want peace but we keep producing arms and betting wars. We claim to give freedom of expression yet we punish those who express their frustration by hurting others. Many are lonely in the midst of the crowd and we still believe we are together with one voice. The world of entertainment and fashion being controlled by a few takes religion 7advantage of the situation by preying on the souls of men.

In the midst of all these a lost soul asks the questions “where is God?”

“Why is He silent?”

Doesn’t God care anymore?

ChildWhy does the righteous suffer while the wicked smiles? They see the powerful wicked going scot free while the weakling is punished for stealing to satisfy his hunger.

Where is God???

Religion is the result of men trying to please God by human efforts. It is man looking for a way to catch God’s attention. Religions come from man seeking to pay a price to enhance God’s favour. As a result, man has devised many ways & routes to reaching God. Man searching for God is like looking for light in the midst of darkness. Looking for God is like looking for meaning out of confusion. Trying to connect with God is like a GSM phone trying to connect with the communication network without a SIM card. It results in what we see around us; duplications, confusions, religion 8arguments, hatred and competition.

A few others have turned religion into a weapon to manipulate others and enrich themselves. They take advantage of the fallible thereby misrepresenting the God being sought after.

A quick look at major Religions points at certain principles worth looking into;

  1. Love is the theme that sustains our world.
  2. Only true love and sincere love for all mankind guarantees peace.
  3. Love is not in words, not in the surge of emotions but in being and in doing. (True love is in action and in truth).
  4. Love fulfills all major demands of morality such that, where there’s love the whole law is fulfilled.
  5. The ability to love is in every person born into this world but our bane is selfishness.
  6. Therefore in man is both love and selfishness whichever rules determines our world.

Be it known that God is Love.

happy 7True love that overcomes selfishness and brings peace into the heart of man can only come from God. Not by man’s effort or fruitless search because God Himself continually seeks to communicate with each man that He created. The love of God can only be received by faith.

Philosophy encourages man to look inward. In seeking to have a place of relevance, philosophy makes men to see religion or the concept of God or the supernatural as self-delusion. Atheism, humanism, communism, democracy etc. these all arise from man seeking to get answer from within.

Philosophy is confused and operates by two principles. philosophy 1One school of thought tells you to study the normal so as to be able to help the abnormal. The other school teaches you to study the abnormal so as to understand the normal.

Initially, philosophy operated by the first principle and an attempt was made to rehabilitate the abnormal after being identified as so. But currently, philosophy has started operating on the 2nd principle by studying the abnormal.

What was considered as abnormal e.g. voyeurism, philosophy 2homosexualism, polyandry, lesbianism, drug addiction, prostitution, abortion etc. is gradually being re-incorporated as freedom of choice, freedom of expression and ‘normal variants’.

Philosophy, while trying to find answers from within the man has resulted in permissiveness. Selfishness is now being encouraged at the expense of love. Men and women now pursue fame, wealth, self-gratification by every permissive means regardless of the global picture of outcome on the others and society at large. With time, those tired of a restricted life caused by organized religion see philosophy as a way out. It starts gradually by the conformation of the mind through education, fashion and entertainment.

God gradually gets locked out of our meetings and our decisions because we blame him (if at all he exists) for our woes.

The truth is this; deep inside every man is the knowledge of what is right or wrong. The question is not whether it is good or bad but whether it is right or wrong. Our sense of happenings 1justice is twisted by selfishness up to the point that everyone is just seeking his/her own. It is the same with nations.

True Love is what dominates selfishness and this is only found when a man comes in touch with God. “For God is Love”. Man values love only because the creator himself is love.

If you open up your heart in deep sincere search for the living God, you will find him fight 1because he is also seeking for you like a father seeks for a lost son. God is searching for man just like a shepherd seeks for a lost sheep. God seeks a personal relationship with every man such that none is meant to be lost in the crowd nor deceived by organized religion.

“Dear friends, let us love one another, because love comes from God. Whoever loves is a child of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, for God is love. 1John 4:7-8

“Now, this is the covenant that I will make with the people …. in the days to come, says the Lord: I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.

None of them will have to teach their friends or tell their neighbors ‘Know the Lord.’ For they will all know me, from the least to the greatest. I will forgive their sins and will no longer remember their wrongs.” Heb.8:10-12