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God, Does He Exist? – part 2

There is a GOD, YES!  – PART 2

{Before you read this; first read part 1 here}

After establishing the fact that there is a God, many questions arise in one’s mind about who he is and what role he is playing in our world.         meandGod

Before we go into that, let us first and foremost get an understanding of what should be our relationship to God.

If there is an intelligent mind that created all things there is, who made laws regarding the times and seasons and determined which languages are spoken by different tribes.

If there be a single being in charge of the whole universe, if there be a universal force that controls all that exists, then, each of us must be too small ( 1 out of 7 billion) in comparison to that God. It would definitely be too difficult for our peanut brain to be able to comprehend the Supreme Being.

God 7Several terms have been used to describe him – Almighty God (the religious), the intelligent mind (researchers), the formless substance (the science of getting rich by Wallace D. Wattles), the universe (the secret by Rhonda Byrne) etc. No matter how we describe the living God, the fact is: no single one of us can adequately describe him.

The issue of God is like blind people surrounding a big mammal e.g. an elephant with each one trying to describe the part that he could feel. To each blind man, the part of the mammal felt is his/her own reality whether it is the body, the limb, the tusk or the ear lobe.

Why people reject God’s existence:           God 3

  1. Because they cannot see him nor feel his influence in the happenings around them.
  2. Because, each time they think of the reality of a God, they feel inhibited making it difficult for them to imagine doing what they desired to do (the desire for freedom without being held accountable).
  3. Because, their conscience comes alive and their guilt ridden souls make them uncomfortable with the idea of an existing God.
  4. Because it has entered into them to believe that they also can be the ultimate – they are exposed to so much power or position of authority that the very thought of a greater being irritates them.


  1. God does not exist because of us, we exist because of him. He is the source (the intelligent mind behind all there is).
  2. The creature can never fully comprehend the creator except to the extent to which the creator reveals himself to it. Imagine a car fully understanding the human being or the dress questioning the tailor.Child
  3. Deep in every man {no matter the location and especially in childhood} is a deep longing for God. There is the desire for a greater power that can work on our behalf for our good. There is the sincere search for the intelligent mind that one needs to connect with for full understanding of one’s existence. Deep in us is built a ‘homing device’ which (like a GSM phone with a SIM inside) keeps looking for network signals to connect back to the source for information. It is in-built in every existing human being.

That is why only a fool (in self-denial or completely berserk) says ‘’there is no God’’ or claim to be able to exist completely outside him.

God 4You may exist in spite of God by not giving him recognition or acknowledge his existence for that does not move him nor change the truth, but no one completely exists outside God.

“In him we live, move and have our being” Acts of the Apostles 17: 28.

“…..the full measure of him in whom all things are made complete” Ephesians 1:23

God has placed limitations on man and science. That is why though man has been able to study everything that makes up a human being, one element science has not found is life itself. The compound or molecule that gives life to the existing cell is still a mystery. We may create a synthetic human being that talks and feel like a real human being but we cannot make it come alive (it remains a toy). To create another life or being, science still depends on reproducing what already exists (cloning).

Life comes from God’s breath. He gives it to whatever/whoever he wills. Man takes over from that point.

Once life goes out man’s effort ends!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   God 6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


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