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Wealth is River- 3 {River vs Rain}

Wealth is a river- part 3

River vs RainJumia

Rain is periodic, Rain comes in seasons.  Those who live by utilizing the rain go in and out of season (vogue).

Rain as a source of living is not dependable. Today it may be rosy and tomorrow may be awry. Sometimes there will be drought due to lack of rain. Such is the lot of all salary earners. No matter how much you earn, whether you are a professional or not, as long as all you look forward to is a pay check your life is like a person waiting for the rain at the end of each day (casual workers), each week or each month.

A river flows, a true river with a fountain as a source never runs dry. True wealth is a like a river. It is flowing all over the world; through cities, via the internet, in the media and on every street. At every second, money is changing hands. It keeps flowing from one pocket to another, from one account to another. Some experience losses as others experience gain. Wealth changes ‘form’ each time. This time it is ‘goods’, next time it is health and following that it becomes liquid cash in another man’s hand etc.

Wealth is like energy it never dissipates nor is destroyed; instead it moves from the hand of some continually and into the hands of others persistently.

YOU ARE WORKING FOR YOURSELF! It is a big mistake to go to work daily thinking that you are working for someone else.

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Whether you are a salary earner or not, until you discover that you are not working for anyone but yourself, you will never know true wealth. As an employee, you applied for the job. You accepted the pay. No one is forcing you. You placed the limitations (of a salary) on yourself and you can change the job if you want. You can improve on yourself and thereafter get a better job. You can apply yourself diligently to the job, get noticed and get a raise or you may do shoddy work and get fired. You are really and actually working for yourself.

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As an employee what do you do with your free time? Do you spend the rest of the evening always in front of the television? Do you invest your time and your earnings in passive income (investments) or active income (self-application/ business)? The wealthy spend 60-70 hours /week working, while the poor work barely 40 hours /week and only manage to survive. Every extra hour above 40hours creates the wealth you desire.

Choose which you want, the rain (salary /pay check) or the river (continuous flow). To make the river of wealth flow in your direction, you must realize that you must have a primary source of income (as explained in “wealth is a river- 1”).

Next you must create another source (or other sources) of income that guarantee continuous cash flow. It is encouraged to have at least three sources of income (just like a stool or table can stand on three and preferably four legs but never one or two, there is no financial stability without more than one source of income). This is easily done if the extra sources create passive income but also possible if you spend your spare time in a business of your own.

Always remember that whatever the job, you are working all the time for yourself. Therefore, since wealth is a river, would you not rather create several channels towards yourself?

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