Are You AWARE!

There is a series of articles on the topic of wealth creation on this site tagged, ” Wealth is a River”. The essence of the series is to make you realize that the issue of wealth goes beyond luck or magic. There are proven principles which take time and effort.

The first article explains that money flows everyday. The scarcity may be because it is not flowing in your direction but money just like energy gets transformed and flows in the direction of activities which attract it.
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The second article emphasised the fact that when you create channels for wealth to come in your direction, you are expected to cultivate something with it. One way to be perpetually poor is to spend up all the money you earn.
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The third article makes the difference between periodic supply of money (salary/ allowances) and consistent cash flow from investments making a difference between rain and river.
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These series now ends with a challenge to determine your current financial status and decide what you want your future status to be. When there is a goal, you can search for the way to get there.
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Also included are important tips about wealth. WEALTH 001: A course you must pass.!
If you do not want to learn about wealth creation, would you rather talk about “the good in poverty!”

There are people that have gradually built their wealth over a life time of principles and patience. Young people should not be in a hurry but take time to build wealth. If you engage in wealth creation instead of sudden riches, strong character and integrity is also cultivated which in turn perpetuates one’s prosperity.

Have a wonderful lifetime! prosperity 5