Important points about wealthwealth 1

  • No one was born wealthy or poor (you may be born into a wealthy or poor family but all are born the same; full of potentials and weaknesses).
  • Everyone gets programmed for wealth or poverty after birth.

    kiyosaki F. I. Book
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  • You can re-program yourself either way.
  • The way the poor and the rich think is different.
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  • You can learn the act of building wealth.
  • Building wealth is a means to an end not an end in itself.
what the rich teach their kids
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  • Money is not the root of evil, it is the love of (actually; the lust for) money that is the root of all evil.
  • Money has no conscience, it is amoral. It only brings out the innermost tendency of the owner.
  • Our lives in recent times depend almost completely on two things ‘’energy” and ‘’money’’ and it takes money to get energy. The 21st century therefore has made money very essential to life. This puts the poor at risk and at the mercy of the rich
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