…You saw your colleague using i-phone or Samsung galaxy S6 and you began to feel inferior because you are using NokiaPoor 3 Asha. As a result you felt that the next level for you is to own a better phone. You either began to calculate how to save towards it or worse still you had to borrow in lieu of salary to get the perceived ‘better life’ with another phone. If that describes you then you are poor.

…You were riding through town in your Nissan Primera, just at the intersection you saw another schoolmate drive past in his/her own Ferrari or Hummer  jeep . For the next few hours, you began to imagine what it would be like to ride one .You began to compare your small Primeria (probably without a functioning Air Conditioner) to the completely sealed up, fully air conditioned ferari with bass like stereo sounds booming from within it. Your joy fled for the moment and you began to feel as if you are missing out a great deal out of your life.

All your mind began to focus on how to get a bigger Car .Not soon after, the bank agents came to your office with well packaged auto loan offering to give you the opportunity to have the “good life” by purchasing the car ‘of your dream’ with 30% down payment and spread the rest over 5 years. You quickly jumped at the opportunity. Thereafter, your family invited friends to celebrate the new car you got through bank loan.

If that describes you, you are poor!

JumiaYou are constantly seeing things that you do not have. Thanks to Adverts on billboards, magazines and newspapers. Thanks to commercials on Radio and Television. We are all exposed to the consumerism ideology every day. These stir up the desires of the poor, taking from them what they do not have and giving it to the rich. Thus, the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing daily.

Adverts ambush us even on the internet. We get distracted by them in almost every possible way. Their goal is to create in us all, the need to have and crave for what is there to have. As a result, those who do not have, constantly loose the little they have to those who have more than enough already.

You must begin to re-orientate your mind. You must learn financial emotional intelligence. You must learn the ability to Where are youplan ahead and take your time before acquiring things by delaying gratification. If what you do not have is constantly catching your attention and increasing your urge for more, you have poverty of the mind. This attitude keeps you poor no matter how much you earn!

That type of poverty is a personality. It is a state of mind that will keep you poor no matter how much you earn. It makes you poor first in your mindset which now reflects in your outer world.

You can help yourself in the following ways:

  • Begin to appreciate the things you that you have whichyou you never had to pay for such as life itself, good health, sound mind, healthy relationships, love, peace, joy and hope for tomorrow. Never forget that those things freely given to us are the most important things of life. Some very rich people lack those things and world give all their riches for them especially ‘true love’.
  • Never fail to be grateful for what you already have such as food on your table, clothing, house to live in (even if rented), vehicles whether bicycle, motorcycle, car, truck (your legs inclusive, some don’t have them) etc. Never forget that with or without those things life continues. Never loose your joy over the desire to have more.
  • what the rich teach their kidsDecide what you actually need and differentiate them from what you actually want. For example, a car is a car. The purpose of automobile is to move people from one place to the other. A car may be a genuine need but the type of car may be ‘a want’. If you can differentiate between the two e.g. a Nissan Primera will meet ‘the need’ but a Ferrari satisfies ‘the want’. Choose first to meet the need and do that by setting it as a goal to plan for using your current resources.
  • Never satisfy the urge to satisfy your wants except the basic needs of the present and future are already catered for. Borrowing or taking a loan is actually “taking from the future to satisfy the present” without knowing the demands the future may bring.
  • Use profits from investments to procure luxury or satisfy your wants.diversify 3