Yes, God Exists. Part 6

Why is God silent?
God is really not silent He is Sovereign.

Creation speaks daily of his power and might. The complexity of nature and the organized way by which times and seasons play out say a lot about his omnipotence. God is the one that sustains our world and all that he made.
The activities of men all over the ages are such that the whole world should have got into self-destruct but everything survives and is being sustained by the integrity of God. There have been wars and plagues. Lifestyle changes have reduced life expectancy over time, but knowledge through science keeps preserving life. In the same vein, the hand of God is visible again and again through unexplained survivals.

God 5However, God is largely silent in day to day events. He seems silent in the politics among nations and he is seemingly inactive in the interpersonal interactions of daily life.

There seems to be so much injustice going on right under His watch. Though he is said to be omnipresent and omniscient, everyday we see the innocent punished while the wicked go free.

The tendency is to blame God for all this, it reminds one of the atheist who said “there is no God! If there was a God, I challenge him to strike me dead now!” Yet nothing happened to him. That atheist is like a grasshopper on a railway line who said “there is no train, if there was a train let the train run me over now” Of course, the train is too busy fulfilling its purpose that it would not come right over and crush that grasshopper except if duty demanded it .

We exist because of God, God does not exist because of us.
We built the cities, we built the social system, we built our security system and we built the economy. God has given man so much ability and room to decide for ourselves what we want.
religion 6We can choose to include him (His purpose and plan) or exclude him in our activities. Whatever we do, we will bear the consequences.
He only becomes liable to interfere in our affairs, if man allows him by calling unto him. God does not directly interfere with man’s decision and consequences except when it undermines his integrity.

If any man, any group of people or any nation decide to seek God by accepting his love into their hearts thereby cleaning themselves of all selfishness (sinfulness), if they receive instruction from God and obey him, the manifest presence and the power of God comes to play.
When this happens he turns the deserts into rivers and creates a path through the wilderness. He is the source and the creator, until man links up with him through the spirit, man is largely on his own.

God 7The spirit of man is the portal via which God expresses himself directly in the affairs of men not the soul nor the physical body.
No matter the creed, religion, philosophy, race or tribe; Whatever they do or claim to do in the name of God; no matter which name they call him or which language they esteem above all others in the name of religion; If it does not provide a direct personal link to God through the spirit of man such that each individual can directly link up with God as ‘ my God and my all, it is a lie.

The are two dimensions to the truth
1. The Truth as it is: The truth remains the truth, it does not change. The truth as it is regardless of your own personal theory or perception always remains constant.
2. The truth as a one perceives it to be: If any man takes a false report as the truth and lives by it, that is his own truth. It forms the basis of his judgments and perception.

One’s personal truth perhaps taught from childhood or embraced through experience may not necessarily be the real truth.
The way God created man; he has coded the truth in our heart. if one sincerely seeks to know the truth in his heart he will find God and the knowledge of the most high will satisfy his soul.

God 6However if we look for God primarily in our head or our reasoning by comparing notes with notes and trying to find a definite answer by the understanding of our peanut brains we will miss God.
God, obviouly cannot be perceived by human understanding but by the inspirations of the almighty in the heart of men.Child

That explains why many cannot find him nor relate with him, that also explains why those who claim to know him are daily persecuted and ostracized. That also explains why those that have found him hold on to him at all cost no matter what is being done to them. They world rather die and leave this physical body to be with God than to fight back.

God exists, yes He does! God is a spirit and He needs those that will worship him in sprit and in truth.

Thers is an infinite mind Which creates our world and that mind is not yours. He is God and you need him.

Receive his love today!

God 4