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5 Sure Steps To Wealth

5 Sure Steps To Wealth

  1. Live within your means
  2. Expand your means
  3. Keep breaking Parkinson law
  4. Utilize insurance
  5. Diversify


  1. Live within your means

Lifestyle ultimately is a series of habits. Our subconscious literally stores all generated inputs and use it to create a comfort zone. This includes our financial habits. The ability to live within our means therefore should first be an internal attitude. Being able to live within one means without any recourse to what others think or feel seems the most important step to accumulating wealth. Not living within your means ensures that no matter how much money you make, you will still end up broke.

Not being able to delay gratification, not  learning how to make a clear assessment of oneself and accepting ones current financial  status is the platform for building castles in the air, this creating of a false image puts us in a façade which we keep trying to maintain without a foundation for sustaining it.

This is the reason why many seemingly rich people around us are just a step away from broke and that is why politician’s keeps holding on to their position turning national politics into business ventures as it affords  them plenty money  without making demand on their ingenuity.

These two books “The richest man in Babylon” and “if you wanna be rich, you must break the law” make it clear that the primary steps to riches is inner self control and objective self-assessment as a baseline foundation from which to move upward. Robert kiyosaki, in his book, “Cash Flow Quadrant” presented a form which when filled gives a good account of your status and places you in the actual quadrant in which you belong. This provides a framework for planning how to move to a desired level.

Once one can successfully live within ones’ means, it becomes possible to have savings. This art of savings was muted in the 5 laws of gold in the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” as a force that drives you on the way to abundance as more money is attracted towards you. The moment one begins the art of saving there is a law of accumulation that goes into action sensing an attitude of abundance (of more than enough) in the individual who is saving money thereby bringing more money towards the individual.

The art of saving for someone who just decided to live within his means is like replacing one bad habit with a new habit. Habits do not die except they are replaced. The habit of living constantly in debt with expenditure always matching up with income must be replaced with the act of saving. This is what Robert Kiyosaki calls ‘paying yourself first’ meaning, put aside the savings first and never spend it.

The minimum savings advised is 10% but up to 30% sets you on the way to wealth faster. However if it seems your present income is damn too small or there are already too many bills/debt to clear, you may start with just 1% and increase gradually.

Not spending all your income but ensuring there is something left over as savings is the first sure step to wealth!




You need this tool for primary assessment: Financial status assessment form in “CASH FLOW QUADRANT” BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI” 


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