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WEALTH IS A RIVER – PART 2 {Wealth vs Riches}


In the first part of this series tagged “Wealth is a river”, it was emphasized that you need to create channels for the river to flow towards you. This was done by asking the question: “what are you are selling?”

Wealth is different from riches. Wealth is in being. Money is the product/fruit of being wealthy. Wealth entails not only riches, but also health and sound relationships.

Picturing wealth as a river and creating channels for the river to flow towards you raises another question; “what are you cultivating?” When you create channels for the river to flow towards you, there must be something to cultivate.

Somebody said that ‘wealth is all you have left when you have lost all’ wealth therefore as a river flowing towards you is meant to be used to create (cultivate) riches. Many renowned world millionaires have stories of being broke many times. Several times they went bankrupt but they bounced back. This is because as long as the channels are still there the river flows and all you need is time to build again whatever was lost due to ignorance, government policies or lack of insurance again natural disaster.

What will you cultivate with the river of wealth flowing towards you? Initially it comes in trickles, sometimes as a flood. As long as you are selling something that people need (yourself, a service, a product etc) wealth will flow from them towards you.

The money which begins to flow towards you is not just for spending. You must cultrate something with it. It is when these investments have multiplied (thanks to your readiness to delay gratification till later) that you actually become rich .

Being rich therefore is not terms of how much liquid money is flowing through your account it is how much you are worth. A man that is worth $1 million in assets and investments that has just $200,000 in his account is richer than another man who has $1.2 million in his bank account.

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Experience has shown that many young men who become famous (in sports entertainment or fashion industry) end up broke. Several people who inherit Real estates without knowing how to manage it (especially if handed over to them and not in the hand of trustees) all end up bankrupt

The reason is simple. When wealth begins to flow towards you, you must use it to cultivate riches that endure. The river of wealth flowing towards you as a result of your direct activity is meant to be used to cultivate passive income. The wealth multiples and at the same time produces riches.

The process is what makes you. You become wealthy on the inside (wealth is in being) not just on the outside.

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