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Starting from the scratch and determined to make a difference, a private Iaparoscopy clinic has been opened in the Metropolitan City of llorin in Kwara state, Nigeria.

While the clinic will attend to all forms of medical problems, the level of care will be that of a specialist. Only Individuals who desire quality specialist care are expected. The standard of care available at Bukade Specialist clinics equates what is available anywhere in the world.

WE MAY BE SMALL BUT WE ARE SKILLED. Click here to know more about us: Bukade_what_we_can_do[1]

The major highlight will be all forms of laparoscopy procedures including (i) Diagnostic laparoscopy, (ii) laparoscopic surgery (urologic, gynaecologic and general surgery procedures.)

Upper G I endoscopy and colonoscopy both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are offered at affordable prices.



Address: 163, Taiwo Road, opp. Eco Bank, Ilorin, kwara State. nigeria.


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