Your greatest challenge is life will be your appetite! This also refers to your cravings and desires. The presence of an appetite 5appetite or the lack of it are all a big challenge to you.

When you have a strong craving, it motivates you. People call it passion. When you lack desire, you are not motivated at all. People say concerning you that you have no drive.

appetite 4If the craving or the appetite is towards a good thing, your life will be better for it. Some people eat themselves to health others eat themselves to ill health. If your appetite is towards a bad/evil thing, you automatically become a danger to our world , your community or yourself.

appetite 2Whether towards a good thing or a bad thing, if your appetite is within your control, you are yet in CHARGE OF YOUR DESTINY. If your appetite is beyond your control or if your cravings are controlling you, automatically you are in serious trouble. You will be held responsible for the results of an appetite over which you have no control. At the same time you cannot claim credit for the good results of an uncontrolled craving.

The lack of appetite is worse. Such a person will be blamed for what he/she appetite 3did not do. He would be blamed for what he could have achieved but failed because he never even tried. It seems better to be blamed for one’s action than to be blamed for inaction.

What will you do?

  • Watch your appetite/ your cravings/ your urges/ your desires. They may start subtly but at you indulge them, they become your lifestyle/habit.
  • Choose which of these cravings to ‘feed’ or ‘permit’. Nib the others in the bud. A little permissiveness may ruin all you have labored for.
  • Tame your appetite. Exercise discipline at all cost. Appetites or cravings tend to grow when fed (via the senses) by repeated indulgence till they become our character thereby affecting our decisions and thus, our lifestyle. If you are not careful, at the end, you will begin to identify yourself by these desires and never remember that there was a time you never had them.bad appetite 1

Many are victims of diseases they never bargained for (Obesity, diabetes, hypertension, psychosis etc), many are victims of relationships they never wished for (lesbians, homosexuals, alcoholics etc) and many are a resounding success by virtue of developing appetites (through discipline) for the right things.

We are all primarily victims of our appetites and not our environment!

Unfortunately, wrong appetites are more easily acquired while it takes training & discipline to have right appetites.

Parents should learn to give children what they need and not always what they want even when they throw tantrums. That is why they came to this world as children to be trained. Do not allow them to become adult babies, there are many of such around already.