Money flows all over the cities daily like a river. You only need to watch financial records daily to understand this. Like a river, money will only flow in your direction through channels created for it. You need to create channels by which money can flow towards you.

I need to help you by asking two questions.


The truth is that everyone is selling something. You are being paid daily for what you are selling consciously or unconsciously. You may be paid in any form of currency such as goodwill, cash, favour, recommendations and referrals and so on.

The hospital is selling healthcare services; the petrol station is selling gas in the same way the employee is selling himself to his employer during the interview for employment. The son is selling himself for the father’s favour. You had to sell yourself to your spouse. The salesman just sold you if you bought his products. Anytime you convince someone about anything (yourself, a restaurant, a product, a movie, an album etc.) for which the person would be interested (to employ, to watch, to listen to, to buy, to promote, to prefer above others) to ‘patronize’, you just made a sale. Selling is as simple as your son convincing you to buy him an ice-cream you didn’t plan to buy!

People who become wealthy in life are good at selling. The best restaurants have done better at packaging the same food than others.  What makes the chicken at McDonalds or Chicken Republic better than the one made in your kitchen?! People tend to be attracted to brands or packaging first before the content. Good businessmen have realized that it is better to combine quality product with great branding/packaging because people will not be deceived for long with branding alone.

Employees go for further training to improve their value so they can offer themselves at a higher prize to the same employer or a competitor. Those seeking for jobs go back to school to earn a higher degree so they may become more ‘sellable’ in the competitive market.

The question is, “what are you selling”. Do you go to work daily to sell yourself for an uplift or promotion or do you just settle down to the same routine barely doing just enough for the next paycheck? When you go the extra mile, applying yourself to the work in a dutiful manner, you can be sure someone is silently watching. When it is time to consider employees for promotion, you would not be left out.

However, the purpose of this is not about your job. It is about developing the skills of a salesman. You need to find something to sell – either a product or offer a service – for extra income. The value of a product or service is not fixed. The value of a thing is what someone is willing to pay for it. If what you offer meets a need, someone will be willing pay for it.

Many people give their hard earned money to others to invest for returns on investment. This is what most employees do because they want their rest / leisure but you need much capital to get good returns in such ventures. The bulk of the profit tend to go the the one taking the risk.

The point is this; if you depend on a job and you are not good at selling (even selling yourself to the top) you can never be wealthy. Selling or offering a product or service for money is what creates the channel by which the river of wealth finds its way towards you.

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