There is a price tag on you and the cost is either increasing or decreasing daily. Are you for sale? Come to think of it, there is even a rush or jostling between the buyers and competitors over you.fight 2

Why is it so? This is because there is something precious inside of you. Unknown to you, you are a container for a priceless treasure and there is a treasure hunt daily. That makes you a target.
Beware!, there is a price tag on you. Many are being bought for nothing while others submit themselves willingly.

soul 1
What is this Treasure in a man? It is the soul of man.
Daily you are being offered pleasure, power, positions, a better life and a brighter future in exchange for your soul. Others are outrightly being deceived or frustrated to submit their souls for nothing.
To know more about the soul of man and the pitfalls faced daily in life, a series of articles are available on this site for you.
Fight for your soul part 1 attempts to explain the processes that go on in the mind resulting in a war against the soul. Many of us will identify with the steps outlined.

soul 3Everyone is targeting your mind, your imagination, your thought processes and ultimately your soul. From clergymen to politicians, from ideologists to occultism, from entertainers to the business world. They want to determine your values, create desires, spur dicontentments and make you do their bidding.
Fight for your soul – part 2 gives more detail of this.

A glimpse to what the soul is and why it is the most important part of man is explained in “fight for your soul part 3.

This article tries to make you understand the functions of the soul and the interplay between the soul and the body as well as distinguish it from the spirit in man.

Every attempt to take over your soul works through one main appetite 1means: “your appetite or cravings “. Thus, your greatest enemy may be your appetite. Read more on: “your greatest enemy” .

soul 5
Many think they have taken charge of their lives by deciding how to think and what to do. Unfortunately, no one really owns himself!

We all ultimately belong to the creator. He also is interested in our souls. While other forces and influences fight for it, He asks for it. While they deceive you to give it to them, God convinces you to come back home.

There is a God and you belong to him.
Have a great week!