There is something precious in every man – the soul.

Man has a body consisting mainly of the head, trunk and limbs. Physically speaking, the most important part of man is hisphilosophy 2 brain. Lose your brain and the whole of your body goes berserk.

Everything else primarily serves to preserve the functionality of the brain (which is ‘the Headquarters’, ‘the seat of control’, ‘the capital city’). That is why there is a term called ‘brain dead’ after which mechanical sustenance (life saving machine) cause switched off and other organs harvested for transplant.

What is in the brain that makes it important – The mind.

Even though the mind is intangible, the mind is a functional part of the man. It is closely linked with our emotions and our will. It is the seat of reasoning and decision making. A “sound mind” is essential to life.

What makes the mind sound or unsound?

The mind is the most critical part of the soul of man. If you take over or control what goes on in the mind of any man, you have conquered the soul. Such a man begins to think the way you want, begins to act the way you desire and no longer owns him self.

The mind of man is the CPU of his life. It is meant to be programmed. The output of the mind is largely determined by the programming that is in it.This programming begins from birth and continues throughout life. Everyone is born largely with an empty mind but a potent soul.

soul 3What makes a mind sound or not sound is the inputs and processing that has been going on in it. The environment has an important role to play in childhood but as adult we ultimately need to take charge as we literally suffer the consequences of the state of mind we have and the choices we make as a result.

That is why there is a fight for your soul and you cannot afford to be a bystander. You cannot allow your mind to run by default. Autopilot is not permitted for the thoughts that flow in your brain. You must be responsible, take charge!

What makes up for a sound mind?

  1. Perfect love which is void of fear.
  2. Faith that makes the impossible possible.
  3. A good of heart (pure heart)
  4. Good understanding.
  5. Integrity – a conscience void of offence toward God and man (clear conscience) which is the absence of guilt.
  6. Hope of a brighter tomorrow.

What are the evidence of a sound mind?

  • Joy independent of happenings around
  • Peace like a river that surpasses knowledge. Not feeling threatened
  • Contentment – life that is free of strife
  • Assurance – no room for depression

In reality the soul of man is created indestructible unmolestable and able to survive the worst of situations, relationship and circumstances (courage).A sound mind is like a thermostat. It influences the environment positively.

What are the evidences of a wounded soul (unsound mind)?soul 6

  • Strife
  • Bitterness
  • Hatred
  • Depression
  • Inferiority complex.
  • Lack of satisfaction or contentment

The mind that is not sound is like a thermometer, reflecting and being affected by the environment.



For a sound mind, note the following:

  1. There are absolutes. Relativism is poison to the mind.
  2. All decisions have consequences. Either on you, another individual or the society at large.
  3. We only have limited control over consequences once actions have taken place.
  4. Watch your dominant thoughts. They ultimately determine what you become. The good news is that you can choose what to dwell upon in your thoughts.
  5. To determine how to think begin to see your senses including your feelings as tools and not the drivers of your mood. Your mood is different from how you feel. Your mood is determined by the feelings you indulge! Therefore, determine what to watch, listen, eat, taste, say and how to feel. Not everything that feels good is good- your feelings do not have to dictate to you, let your mind process it first!.
  6. The worth of the soul is only known when the creator is acknowledged. Any attempt to disregard the creator put one’s soul at risk of devaluations and abuse.
  7. Almost every other person apart from you is tempted to take over your mind and conform it to their ideal. This includes parents, community, society, friends, media, teachers, religious leaders, politicians etc. Every bit of information you are fed with consciously or unconsciously has an impact. Just like the ground uncultivated (by default) yields weeds, if you leave your mind to default (to run by auto-pilot) it wound be taken over by wrong (but seemly good) thoughts.
  1. The most important use of the mind is imagination. Imagination properly used leads to creativity. Imagination wrongly used becomes destructive. While a constant feeling of hopelessness results from a dead imagination.

well being 2The easiest way to destroy your imagination (or your child’s) is to watch unbridled television programs, read so many uncensored novels and magazines and to listen to all manner of music. Unconsciously, these things take over the imagination of the person by creating a pattern of thought for the person and ultimately driving one’s life.

All of us have developed a pattern of thinking, an habitual way of approach to issues which except we sincerely analyse ourselves is embedded in our subconscious. This affects our decisions, our personality and the way we conduct ourselves. The results of our various decisions thus determine the kind of life experiences we pass through.

Until we begin to take responsibility for safeguarding our soul, we may not be able to avoid lashing back at others and blaming them for our woes, meanwhile our world is a reflection of who we have all become individually. Those kind of temperamental outbursts towards life and society results in crimes and mental illnesses.

Depression is caused by a hopelessness which results from a manner of reasoning (or pattern of thinking) about issues. If a person can develop the inner strength to change the pattern of thinking  about the issue, he/she would break out of depression. Somebody said, “ I was sad about having no shoes till I met someone who had no legs”


There is a God and you are not the one. There are consequences for our actions or inactions. Acknowledging the truth about life without trying to evade it and aligning ourselves with the truth is the greatest freedom on earth.

“nothing can be done against the truth but for the truth” – Apostle Paul

“All the riches of the earth do not equal the worth of a soul”. – Jesus Christ