2016 promises to be an interesting year. At exactly 11:30am my little girl walked to where I was sitting . I had been reflecting on all my past experiences in life. She was blabbing but I was barely hearing her being lost in my own thoughts. I had to stop writing, turned to her and asked, “what were you saying sweetie”

The conversation went like this:

‘Dad, I want more money. ‘ My purse is empty’. She emptied her purse which contained some colour pencils, a pair of doll shoes and a 20 NGN note .

“Why do you want more money”

“To buy everything I need”

“what do you need”

“I need a princess grown, a princess hat and food”

“why do you need money to buy food? Have not eaten this morning?”

“No Dad, food for tomorow, next tomorrow and next week”

“why do you want a princess gown? Is it the gown that makes you a princess or your wearing it that makes it a princess gown?”

“The gown will make me a princess!” she said with a big grin.

“No my dear, you are already a princess. Any gown you wear automatically becomes a princess gown. Didn’t you wear a princess gown last Sunday”

She blushed, “That was not a princess gown. Okay Dad, I just want plenty money”

“Where do you think people get money from?”

Deborah with her brother David, 5yrs ago.

“From the bank!”, she said with all confidence .

“No my dear, people only take from the bank what they had deposited. There is no free money in the bank”

I decided to give her a brief lesson about money ; “my dear, if you want money, you need to read about money. After you have gained knowledge about money, you must be ready to work hard towards making the money.”

“Are you ready to start reading?”

“Yes Daddy!” She shouted.

I thereafter stood up , went to my bookshelf and brought out two books I had kept for them (she is a twin ). I bought those books for them since they were two years old.

  1. ABC of financial intelligence for toddlers
  2. ABC of financial intelligence for kids. (5-12 yrs)
  3. 1451817874482-1771056758
    Financial Intelligence books for children.

She recognised the first book. Remembering the version of ABC I was

Deborah at 3yrs.

teaching them at home which was different from that of their teacher: A-Asset, B-Bank, C-Coins, D- Dividends ete. But the second, I had kept for 3 years. I had thought that they were still too young for the content. Alas, she proved me wrong and proved the author [Adeolu AKINYEMI] right!

Guess what? She started reading immediately.

At 5 years, 7-months of age! Only God knows what is going on in the mind of our ‘civilised’ kids of these days.

l have always regretted not been taught about money as a child. All I was told was, ‘work hard at your studies, get a good job, work at your job and get quick promotion By that, you will make all the money you need”

As I grew up, I realized that hard work minus financial intelligence is poverty plus plus at the end!