As I looked at her face she giggled. I loved what I saw. Just a few years ago I was wondering why I got involved with her in the first place (those naughty times is marriage when the rough edges rub on themselves). Today, I am glad that I never missed her.

Little did I realize the changes that have taken place over eleven years. Sometimes we wanted out. At other times, it was as if we were made for one another.

‘Why do you keep posting the children’s pictures, when will you post my own?’

That comment makes me to realize that she wants me to raise a flag saying, “this is my most precious possession”. Little did she realize how much joy she gives me and how much often she makes me sad (when she is sad for no reason I could justify). She gets me so excited and another time so dejected. She makes life worth living and Ssometimes like I should quit.

She is so selfless (when I am selfish) and can be so selfish (when I am selfless). She reminds me of the saying, ‘the wounds of a friend are better than the kisses of an enemy’.

Many times she is my opposite (is that not why I am attracted to her? Some call it complementary). Other times, she is my mirror reflecting my person and innermost thoughts.

We share many happy moments and there are times we just comfort one another knowing the moments will pass.

It is so so good never to be alone. After facing the harsh realities of the world each day, to be able to return into the warm embrace of my loved ones. REALLY, SHE IS MY MOST PRECIOUS POSSESSION.

I suddenly realized today that for those who are properly enrolled, marriage is a school where no one graduates from!