God 7God is a Spirit, man is carnal. Man was originally created in God’s image and that speaks of the spirit in man not the physical body.

Despite all the different languages spoken all over the world, there is a universal language of the spirit by which God speaks to man. From childhood, God speaks to man. god-hand 4Everyone will remember the flashes he/she had in times past especially as a child. Such hunches came like an intuition, like a longing satisfied by a definite knowing that God exists.

There is a spirit in every man.  Almost every religion, philosophy, psychology or science has focused mainly on either the physical body or the soul of man or both but man is triune. There is a sprit in man.

God 2The spirit of the natural man is largely inactive (dead) and is in need of activation. Man without a living spirit is not in tune with God. The door to the spirit of man is the heart of man; the voice of the spirit is the conscience. The spiritual heart which is the seat of our conscience is closely linked to our emotional heart (seat of emotions) and the physical heart (which pumps blood). When the spirit departs with the soul, the heart stops beating –and the carcass is left behind.

The most learned of men live like people groping in daylight as if they are in the dark. This is because the knowledge of God does not start with the brain but in the heart (the spirit of man). That is why in almost every man is an attraction to the supernatural. Those who openly deny the supernatural do so because of the confusion about the issue caused by daily life and inconsistencies of personal experiences. Religion 2Men who have claimed to have a ‘superior’ knowledge of God are regarded as prophets or spiritual leaders who are followed by others.


The point is this: God is a spirit. Relationship can only take place between God and man’s spirit.

The truth is this: If the spirit of man came from God and became impotent (separated from God or dead) due to wrong decisions caused by selfishness. god-hand 3It takes God to activate man’s spirit. Man on his own accord does not have that ability. Man only has the priviledge of making the choice whether to seek a relationship with God or to reject him.

Organized religion (all of them) has failed man. In preaching peace, war is perpetuated. In trying to satisfy God in our own way, we malign, persecute and kill one another. Atheism is also a kind of religion same as agnostics and Satanism. Even when God is out rightly rejected, man is still worshipping something either self, satan or a hero. That is why such people also openly oppose the idea of God.

God is still seeking for the man who will walk with him.God 1 Every moment, every day, in the quietness of every soul of the man who has not linked back to God, there is still a longing for Him. There is still a void only the true God can fill. There is still a drive to try and win his attention or approval.meandGod

The good news is that God himself is not waiting for man. He also is calling out to men.god-hand 1

Our problem: we have either rejected him or in our foolishness we have created barriers of standards for a God that we do not know in the name of Religion.

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