There is a God. Yes!

Every day we are tempted to leave God out. Oftentimes, we feel the urge on the inside to depend on ourselves, to acquire more skills, practice more, get more relationships with persons that matter and fulfill our dreams – without God’s input!              happenings 1

The happenings all over the world make the heart of many to fail. At a time, there is news of sporadic shooting in France closely followed by attack of a teenager in UK. As we got over that, ISIS appeared in the Middle East and ‘Boko Haram’ is harassing the western African region.

EBOLA just finished its scourge in Africa and next was legionnaire’s disease in the U S. wild fire is all over the globe even as landslides and earthquakes are stakeholders in the happenings in china, Nepal and India.

God 7In all these, there is a lone mind seeking for employment just to make a living and have a comfortable life. That lone man begins to wonder where God stands in all these. If he was brought up as a religious mind, he feels out of the game. One day he is taught to wait for God who works all things out by performing miracles. The next day, he is taught to look inwards and play a diligent role if he wants to achieve anything.          God 3

In a world where things occur oblivious of God, it becomes more difficult for one who believes in God to see where God fits in. Is there a GOD?

The big bang theory

Put together all the spare parts of a car in the junkyard, put an explosive device and time it to explode by 12 midnight. Perhaps by morning, you would find a brand new car! It is impossible by the time you come back in the morning to find a brand new car. Nothing orderly can comes out of disorderliness. The big bang theory of evolution is a lie. Things don’t just happen automatically; there is always an intelligent mind that makes things God 5work.

Take 6 yards of clothing material put sewing thread inside it, a sewing needle and scissors. Place these on top of a sewing machine and close the room for 24hours. Wait… don’t forget to put your written measurements on the table. Let us hope that by the time you come the next day, you will find a beautifully (spontaneously) sewn dress/suit!!!

Nothing works without an intelligent mind in charge.

The world we live in is governed by several laws. Over time, scholars and science kept discovering these laws. Interplay of these laws has resulted in several inventions. Any alteration in the regularity of times and seasons results in chaos yet men fail to recognize the lawgiver. The intelligent mind that built our world cannot be neglected without consequences.God 1

There is a God! Yes!! He is the creator of the universe. He is the intelligent mind behind all we see around us though he may seem to be an onlooker many times. We may wonder why things happen and he does not seem to interfere by turning the tide of evil. We may even decide to blame him for all the happenings as being deliberately caused by a God who cares less about us.

Whatever may be going through your mind, the fact is “There is God and He made us and the world around us”. He may seem to be an onlooker many times. He sometimes seems to be sleeping and off duty considering what is happening all over the world. He seems to have gone on leave and no longer maintaining what he has created.

Whatever may be happening that is making you to have questions in your mind, we need to agree on this one fact first and foremost that an intelligent mind created our world and that universe which we explore and that mind is not yours!

That intelligent mind is GOD! Not many gods. ONE GOD! Your heart within you agrees with that statement even when your brain disagrees.

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