A NEW WAVE…..A new Movement, A new Religion!
There is a new religion proselyting many people all over the world. Many are joining willingly.
The criteria for being a member are as follows:
1. Being tired of all existing forms of religion
2. Realizing that there is inherent power in man to determine his own future oblivious of God.
3. Hatred for the supernatural regarding them as tricks and superstition
4. Seeking for a reason for everything by esteeming science and brain power above all else.
5. A belief that there is no absolute. That truth is relative.
6. A reasoning that the end is what justifies the means.
7. Accepting there is a God but that he is not in control of events while at the same time blaming him for all natural disasters and blaming religion as the basis for all wars and conflicts.
8. Not debating the existence of God but believing that man is his own god. That all theories about God is a figment of man’s imagination. That men should come together to determine the future of our world.
10. A belief that advancements in science and technology will put an end to all diseases and difficulties currently being experienced in our world.

The main reasons many from all creed, race and culture are gradually being inducted individually and as groups Include:
1. Wickedness exhibited by those expected to be pious
2. Sin in the sanctuary where righteousness is expected
3. Inconsistency in “God’s role” in our world (bad things happening to the just and the wicked getting away with their crimes)
4. Breakthroughs in technology and sience which demystify religions beliefs about certain diseases and events. For example; leprosy, epilepsy, behavioural disorders were believed to be caused by spirits.
5. Men’s inability to find lasting peace through his effort towards living right in an attempt to please God.
6. Wars stirred up in the name of religion.
Men and women, young and old all over the world are getting tried of religious talks and the feeling of guilt and helplessness stirred up by preachings that point men to God.
Yoga, motivational speeches, successes of atheists and agnostics have added to the idea of ”to hell with God!”.

The Truth !
It is another religion! The aim of which is to unite all men under one ideology / philosophy and replace every other religion with a single one which puts God out of our consideration in all deliberations
This new movement teaches tolerance, acceptance, oneness, freedom to be who you are, freedom to become whatever you want, a sense of justice of equality to all irrespective of race or gender.
The hope of this movement or religion is a united world under one umbrella. While it is desirable to have a united and peaceful World, it definitely would not happen through another ‘philosophy’ or religion.