Those who live life to the fullest are those with a goal. Being in pursuit of a goal makes life meaningful.goals 11

Life lived for Pleasure without a quest is initially exciting but soon becomes boring.

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Excitement based on external events eg. accomplishments only lasts a while. goals 10The inner man is made to constantly seek for more excitements which comes from fresh accomplishments and greater goals.

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Life is a quest! If your job doesn’t make you get out of bed  whistling and ready to move, quit that job!

The best of life is the joy and excitement that comes in the pursuit of one’s goal or vision.

Therefore, set smart goals today.goals 3

Or better still, set goals that requires you to grow.  goals 7

goals 6To achieve your goals quicker, make sure every step you make today is in the direction of that goal!    goals 2

Never give up on your goals. Success is usually at the next corner from the “give up” junction!

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