I am a young man, one of the few billions existing in our world today.
I am a professional [a medical doctor and a Surgeon in particular].
I am african [a true Nigerian and a noble one!]
I am almost forty years with a passion for the younger generation coming behind.
I have a peep into the future and a good mental grasp of the past. I believe that in the midst of the darkness, the turmoil and the confusion in our present world, I have access to light. I can beam light on the path for others to follow. l learn a lot each day. I have learnt a lot in the past and I know there is a lot I can teach the younger generation. If you are below 40 yrs, there is a lot we can do together on this blog.

Can we tag along together in this journey of life?

I will write a lot about life, living right, happiness and Peace. There’s a lot to say about wealth creation and riches.

As a natural armchair psychologist, I can peep into your mind to explain why you behave the way you do and the reason why many of us struggle in life. We’d talk about global events and your role in it.

There will be a few personal gists on family life and travels. Health will not be a strong point here but I have another website soon to be packed full with my views on healthy lifestyle: http://www.dragboola.com.
I want to connect with any one who is still young at heart! Who needs an optimistic view of the future. Anyone who has a goal, a focus, a target, a vision should please tag along. Do you have questions as a young man / lady? Are you confused about issues and need answers? Do you need a shoulder to lean on, a support when lonely? We can connect!

If I lack the answers, I will search for them on your behalf. If I cannot help you, I will pray for you! Believe me, prayer still works- when we have done our part!

In the next one year, we would have gained better understanding of our world, our role in it and we would have accomplished so much individually and together!

Note that I know there is a God and I have a relationship with him. He is not an ideology He is not a myth. He has rules but he is full of compassion and love. I respect your opinion about him and I know of several who misrepresent him. He is a father to me.
Definitely, that doesn’t stop you from coming along with an open mind

ASCO 2014