Life, Health and Prosperity

None of us had a choice about coming into this world. Our parents, the society and nature possibly had roles in ensuring we survived. Until we attained self awareness, it was largely independent of us. Making the most out of life however became a factor of nature, nurture, the local environment and our decisions.

We are all a product of decisions we made, people made on our behalf as well as happenings 1decisions made which had an impact on us. However, our lives as it is today depends most importantly on our personal decisions of the past. Tomorrow depends on the decisions we make today.

Our world today differs from ancient times.

Power has become the main stay of our world.

There are three main sources of power into our world:

1. NATURAL: Solar energy, Electricity, Crude Oil etc.

2. ECONOMIC: Money. Literally, since the introduction of paper money, the economy has shifted from the hands of common man to the hands of government. We literally need money for every thing these days. Things which communities joined hands to build now require money to make e.g houses, farmlands, fuel has replaced firewood etc.

3. POLITICS: Position. Examples abound of abuse of power by rulers. Our world does not encourage anarchy, there must be hierarchy and order. Position places much responsibility and power on individuals. The power is vested in the position not in the person.well being 2

To enjoy life, each individual therefore needs money. We need health. As well as a sound mind. Of these, the most important is sound mind. Followed by good health. Money is the least.

None the less, our economy and the society places so much emphasis on money these days. In the pursuit of Money, many have downplayed on sound mind and good health.

Sound mind is a factor of a healthy intra-personal and inter-personal relationships. Sound relationships is the tonic of life. Many of us have a lot to learn about relationships.

That is why this blog is titled: LIFE, HEALTH AND PROSPERITY.

Taj mahal
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