You think I am a pretender                        caterpillar

just because you see yesterday

You call me a bad name

Because you think in your heart

That I cannot change                       cocoon


I am on a journey in life

Towards becoming a better me

Moving from what I am today                 butterfly

To what I am supposed to be



‘People rarely change’ they say

Character they may modify

To pretend is their bane

but to change? Science disagrees           butterfly 2



In the scriptures, people change

By believing the scriptures with my heart

The process of change began

Really for me, it is not a change

For in me is no such power



I am being transformed daily

Moment by moment, day by day        butterfly 3

Unknown to you I am, though I fail betimes

At the final moment, I’ll be transformed

Like the ugly caterpillar to the butterfly.


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