A laparoscopic surgeon skilled in gastro-intestinal endoscopy is made- April 2015. See more

High rising buildings typify Cyber City, DLF phase II, Gurgaon

India is gradually taking the fore front in the training of professionals, pursuit of academic researches and publishing of the same and in medical tourism. Especially as far as Asia and Africa is concerned.

Many from all over the world troop to India daily in pursuit of medical care. It is readily available and it is cheaper. Many well trained Professionals have returned back home in India to pursue their dream. Thank God for a government that is making the country conducive for development.WP_20150501_019

MishraProfessor R. K. Mishra is one of those who is committed to training of surgeons from all over the world in order for them to acquire add-on skills in laparoscopy, endoscopy, robotic surgery and IVF.

He is an inspiration. A genuine teacher and practices what he teaches. I have returned to the sights and sounds of Gurgaon, Haryana in India for a refresher course in laparoscopy and training in endoscopy. WP_20150425_005

Pursuing my vision against all odds without a single government input thusWP_20150428_008 far! Thank God for great friends and support from my wife and children.

I encourage you to pursue your dreams too. I hope to see you at the top soon!


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