Yes! You’ve got to break the law!!

Where is the key to wealth?
Where is the key to wealth?

Are you surprised at the statement above? Many of you will be surprised because you know me as a law abiding citizen but now I am advocating the breaking of the law.

It became necessary after I had worked for ten years. In every institution where I had worked, I was a senior staff. Yet after ten years, with four different bank accounts; I was broke.

Are you really what people see?
Are you really what people see?

Every one saw me as a comfortable man. My family was looked up to as influential both in the local community and back at home. We had our own home and automobiles and the children were going to private schools. Yet deep inside, I knew I was broke. I could not survive if there was any emergency, I was literally waiting each month for the next salary.

My salary had been reviewed sixprosperity 2 times by either the government or change of jobs. At ten years, I was earning eight times the salary I started with. Yet I was broke at the end of ten years. You could call me wealthy but there was no cash in the bank accounts or in the pocket. I looked at my parents and it seemed the story had been the same all through the times they were working. We had our own homes and were comfortable but for all major expenses, they always had to get a loan!

prosperity 5That was when I realized there was something definitely wrong with me. Not only with me but even with almost all salary earners around me inclusive of fellow colleagues at work. Everyone except a few was in one debt or the other. I realized being poor had nothing to do with how much money you earned and being wealthy had nothing to do with having much money at one point in life. There was definitely a law that was at work in the poor that kept them poor no matter how much passed through their hands.

There is a path known only to the rich...
There is a path known only to the rich…

In my search I found the law. Over the past three years I have been in the quest of breaking the law! I have decided to share with you what I discovered. I am therefore giving out the free e-book that changed my outlook permanently.

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You may be thinking that all you need is a well paying job. First and foremost the jobs are not really there because they are too few for those who are qualified. Secondly, tell me how many salary earners are considered among the richest in our country- Bank managers, people working in oil and gas sector, CBN governors? There is none. There is a mindset that makes the rich to get back the riches even if they go broke and make the poor to become  poor even after they had won the lottery! You need to be free from that mindset. Break the Law!!!

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I sincerely hope you will not only download the e-book because I am giving it to you free but that you will read It and ensure you BREAK THE LAW!!!. Together we can make a difference in our world if we prosper not just for our sakes but for the sake of many who need us.

Thank you.