The eye of the camera is myopic. It picks on an issue and maximize it out of order. It presents the part as a whole instead of the whole. camera 3

The camera recently focused on Baltimore and the violence which occurred on Monday (27th April) and it seemed that was all that was happening in U.S that day. Of course there were many other cities in America with normal daily activities going on.

camera 1Some time ago, the focus was on India with the cases of gang raping and you’d be made to think that all the ladies in Indian had run for cover. Any where you got to all over the last two months, there were only two issues about Nigeria and that was Boko Haram and “change”. Meanwhile a thousand other things were happening in the country especially the devaluation of the currency and the decrease in revenue which was also important to the common man.

Often times man himself is also myopic by focusing on a part and making it look like the whole, lens 1We mumble and complain over one thing and we almost destroy a whole relationship filled with much more positive things.

Try to snap out of it. Drop the magnifying lens. See the whole picture! That will enable you to see everything else in perspective. Seeing the whole picture makes a whole lot of difference. Never get drawn out into the myopic view except with the purpose of a moment of causing an effective change while at the same time bearing the whole picture in mind.