Life is first a gift, and afterwards it becomes a Reward.  

Life showers us with gifts from the moment we were conceived. The gifts are meant to nourish us and enable us to fulfill our potentials.

It takes recognizing, appreciating and utilizing these gifts to make the best of the early phase of our lives.

gift 6

For many, this phase lasts forever till they die. The intensity of this phase however differs from place to place and from person to person. It stretches most times from conception till 25 years and is followed by a transition period from 25-40years of age.

gift 2Afterwards, life becomes a series of rewards. The rewards may be positive or negative. The rewards are the consequences and the effects of the decisions made in the early years.

If the rewards are great, the rest of life is full of excitement and accomplishment. If the rewards are below expectation then, the toils of life persist.

At every point in life, there remains the opportunity to prepare for later rewards. Life is not without consequences. The consequences of our actions and decision of today have far reaching implications which affect individuals, families and the society at large.

What to do early in life.

Lean to recognize the opportunity of early life as gifts to enable you prepare for later years. Do not take them for granted. Focus on the positives, not the negatives for life is never perfect from a single man’s view. Ingratitude is a thief that robs us of the best in life. The feeling that we merit these gifts make us irresponsible thereby taking them for granted

gift 4Take responsibility for maximizing every gift of life and opportunities that come your way (no matter how abundant, they often do not last forever).

The habits of goal setting, discipline and diligence early in life ensures great rewards later in life.

The gifts of life come in many forms:

(1) A mother

(2) A father

(3) Brothers and Sisters

(4) Good neighbors

(5) friends                                             gift 5

(6) personal talents and abilities

(7) The air we breathe

(8) The country in which we are born

(9) Schools we attended

(10) Fantastic teachers

(11) Inspirations

(12) Great books

(13) Technologies and innovations of our times etc.

Whatever you have that someone else is lacking is a gift to you. Whatever is given to you which is the reward of another man’s labor is a gift e.g. your liberty is the reward of the labors of fallen heroes.  Free food on your table which is a reward of the labour of parents a gift. Several other children do not have that luxury. Do not take it for granted.

Quality education which is the reward of the labour of dedicated teachers is a gift. Many other children do not have access to good education.

A job can be a gift initially but promotion on the job will be a reward of labour.

You are therefore advised to recognize the gifts which life makes available to you, learn to be grateful for them and make the best of them.responsibility 2