In Nine out of Ten cases, you will remain poor no matter how much money you earn if you are an individual who values himself or his life based on what he has. Such a man wants to have everything possible because he is constantly dissatisfied with what he has today.

The society and especially our socio-political and educational institutions aren’t doing us much good. First and foremost, we are trained in schools to become civil servants. The best of the students are the first to become glorified civil servants and employees.

Who are the employers? The government and the rich are our employers.

As civil servants and employees, most times people do not have the power to determine their own salary. The government decides their salary thereby putting a limit to what they can earn.

After collecting the salaries, the same employees/Civil servants (who have now been categorized into hierarchies by which their salaries are determined- Directors, managers, deputy managers, secretaries, assistants etc.) have to spend their money on facilities created by the same government /employers. Facilities such as water, light, markets, vehicles etc. are created by the same group of people who employed us to work for them. The money thus goes back to them in multiples while we go back to the same job to earn the same salary.

The goals, the aims, the aspiration of the generality of the people are determined by the pay check. Oftentimes they have to wait before their wants are satisfied. Meanwhile, these wants are stirred up by adverts sponsored by their employers. When we find it difficult to control the stirred up desires, the banks come around to offer us their money (the money deposited by the same government/employers). We then take up loans to satisfy our desires while enslaving ourselves further at work to pay it back.

You will remain poor if you do not apply the brakes. To apply the brakes may entail sitting down meditating on these critical questions;

What determines my worth? Is it who I am or what I have?

What actually determines my value? Is it what people think of me or what they discover me doing? Is it the impression I create or the impact I have on them that matters?

What exactly am I pursuing? Is it what is transient (though it may be exciting at the moment) or what is lasting?

Where will I be five, ten, fifteen, twenty years from now?

Will I be able to retire early to live a life of freedom or will I be tied to a job forever in order to survive.


Wealth is not the same as riches.

Your true wealth is not assessed the way Banks or Forbes magazines does it.

It takes time and effort to create wealth.

It takes much more to retain wealth than to create it.

Wealth is in who you are first before manifesting in what you are.

Riches come and go. Wealth abides creating more riches.

Wealth is what remains when the riches are gone (for the moment) which they often do.

When the riches disappear, the people disappear. Most people you are trying to impress are only attracted by the riches not by you.

The people that remain with you when the riches are gone are the ones who truly value who you are (they know your worth) and not what you have. They may be family or friends.

If your value is in riches and possessions, when you have all the riches, life becomes meaningless because riches do not satisfy the soul. If you have a purpose for living which transcends yourself, when the riches come, life become more meaningful and fulfilling because one sees the riches as a means to an end and not an end in itself.

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