Of course you need the doctor especially for delivery of babies, for immunization and for certification of health before admission or employment etc. Except you are nuts and taking risks, you cannot completely do without health care!

Everyone tends to require the services of a doctor, a lawyer and a clergyman at one time or the other.

However, there are people (and the number is increasing) that have had to place medical bills on the budget plan. Their health statuses require that they visit the hospital regularly. These kinds of people are the focus of this article

On the other hand, I am more interested in the young and healthy individuals who by virtue of not taking thought for their diet and lifestyle wound soon become regular visitors to the hospital.

Non communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, anxiety neurosis, depression etc. are on the rise. Many a people are living with one impairment, chronic ill health or chronic pain. The surgeons are not spared as the focus is shifting to bariatric surgery for obesity.

Almost all illnesses these days can be traced to lifestyle and diet. By lifestyle it implies that our environment, our relationships, our mental processes and the economics of the country are responsible for our state of health now and in the future. Results of researches also abound that reveal changes in the prevalence of diseases in many communities. As the people imbibed new lifestyles and dietary habits the prevalent disease conditions changed from communicable diseases to non-communicable diseases.

It therefore implies that many of us would definitely end up employing doctors (keep them as part of our monthly budget) by developing one ailment or the other which would arise from not taking responsibility of our lifestyles and dietary habits. On the contrary, giving detailed attention to these things may result in not requiring the services of a doctor except for yearly routine medical check-ups. Even the medical personnel are not spared. They are human beings living the same busy lifestyles and are affected by similar factors as the general well being 1population.

I hereby seek to inform you of certain things to do to ensure that you either would never need the doctor or you will be to sack your doctor except for occasional visits. (Exceptions are persons with congenital or hereditary disorders eg. allergies, hemoglobinopathies etc.) who must constantly visit their doctor but who will definitely be able to live better by following the guidelines)

  1. Seek relevant information about your health status.

You may log on to http://www.realage.com to the have a complete assessment of your health status by taking the quiz on their website. The use of a quantum analyzer (for a total body scan) may also help to give you an overall assessment of your health. If you have never had one in the past, a detail medical check-up may be the first step in the right direction.

Which of the above three things you decide to do is aimed at giving yourself a perfect picture of your current health status. It helps to know if something is already brewing in your body without your knowledge, it is good to detect it on time.


  1. Get a food supplement

Evidences abound that there is something definitely wrong with our ‘civilized’ diet and biologically engineered foods. Emphasis is gradually shifting towards natural products instead of synthetic foods. Likewise fresh fruits and vegetables is better than the frozen, preserved and synthetic food we have gotten used to over the last five decades.

The problem is that many of us really do not have the time, space and ability to get these fresh /raw fruits and vegetables in adequate quantity. Neither do we have the resources to maintain them fresh before we eat them.

The best is to juice them and consume them fresh on daily basis. This also many find difficult to do. As a result, we may do well to get food supplements to compensate for what we are lacking in our diet and reduce the amount of synthetic and sweetened food we eat.

One product I have come across that contains all you need in fresh state in adequate amount to sustain you in health is TREVO.

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  1. Engage in detoxification regularly

We are exposed to toxins daily in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the cosmetics we use, in drinks and food, in air freshners, detergents etc. We have done well in ensuring that no one escapes this exposures.

All these factors together with the process of aging causes oxidative stress in our body. Oxidants are produced in the cells when we are stressed which if not cleared make us age faster, results in accumulation of these oxidant and results in chronic conditions affecting different organs of the body . Proper detoxification is needed on regular basis for us to live in health.

Good enough, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetable combined with ingestion of clean water goes a long way in detoxifying  and cleansing of our body systems. One product which also aids the detoxification because of its constituent is TREVO.

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Many people in Africa cannot afford TREVO because of the poverty level.

Another product I may suggest to you that aids detoxifying the body is Ruzu bitters.

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One important thing you may do well to do above all (even if you will not do every other thing above) is to ingest 2-3 litres (8-12 cups) of clean water daily as well as 1.2g of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps with body repairs and restoration.

4. Regular exercise must accompany all we do to stay in health. Every adult needs about 210 minutes of exercise weekly. this may be 30 minutes daily for aerobics or 3 times weekly of workouts. exercise

5. Adequate rest. Try your best to sleep for 6-8 hours daily. Preferably, this should include 10pm-2am. The REM sleep is important for body repairs and coping with stress. A simple nap during the day would do you a lot of good as well.

All I have written is just a concise summary of my personal search into preventive health. Much more information is available on all media and in libraries. You may do well however to start as outlined above.

Thank you.